About Me

Technical Me

I am a software developer – by this I actually mean a developer. Somehow discovered that I am good when I am far from cargo cult programmers while programming.

  • From childhood I have used Windows OS. So think that, Microsoft and I share some kind of relation.
  • And because of this – even though I started programming with PhP, I got into .NET naturally. Which is even suffixed with my name in my domain name (vitap.net), that too happened naturally.
  • Did Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from Gujarat Technological University(GTU).
  • Unlike the great ones – I started true programming when I was 20.
  • Known Languages – PhP, C#, Python, Apex – most experienced in C#.

Else in Me, Creative Me

I have always felt that some external force pulled me near to creativity and art – something which satisfies, gives pleasure. Which opened me in the areas of

Blogging Me

Honestly, I never ever thought even in my dreams that I will start a blog and write articles. But as I mentioned- some force pulled me, and thus I jumped into it.

Here I write about life. To motivate. To get better. To achieve. Again get and stay better. I think of only one thing, my readers should get something from my posts. And sometimes my article helps to solve problems too – which in turn motivates me to write more.

Then you can ask, why “Technology” in my sub-heading ? Simple and direct answer is, I am a mixture of both – tech and art. I know one have to get a niche. But I got two of it. So if you are not then do follow blog of “A Creative Developer.”

Reach Me, Follow Me


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ur blogs r very much interesting! Can u plss tell me from where do u get inspiration for all these ?!!


  2. Thank you Bhargavi. And as I mentioned, it was not at all planned. But I got into it after following few blogs for around 3-4 months. And top 3 blogs which I followed(still following) — Oliver Emberton, Scott Hanselman and John Sonmez. They all have written about ‘writing and starting a blog’ which somewhere inspired me.


  3. Its amazing never thought of this tech- art mixture.It’s quite creative.I loved that roadtrip topic and about me topic.


  4. Vitap Ramdevputra
    A software developer, writer, blogger, learner, uncommonly problem solver, prodigious thinker, at times a photographer, novice guitarist, believes – “Do what you love”, “Be Awesome” and “Write On!” ____________________________ You can Read more A…


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