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If you’re going “solo” with your career and you don’t have a coach or mentor then you’re playing at a gross disadvantage.

(sources:  www.rationalcomics.com and John Saddington – Hacker. Human.)


Easiest technique to get off frustration and be consistent.

To be real expert in any skill CONSISTENCY is most demanding.
So to be consistent without getting frustrated, I will share a small exercise here, which can help us a lot.

Lets say you have 1 gallon of water in a water tank. Water is completely fresh and pure.
Now, your task is to make this water totally blue.
But(there is always minimum 1 but), you can add only drop of blue dye, everyday, not more than that. And also, if you miss one day you cannot add more than one drop the next day. A day missed is missed, no schemes there.
So what will happen now?
1st day you will be excited. Very nicely and neatly you will add a drop to the tank. And blue colour will dissolve as if your work is wasted.
But, after repeating it for few days, even though you know that it needs lot of patience, you will get frustrated.
And this frustration brings negativity. And negativity is not good to achieve your goal(turn water blue)
So, what to do now?
BELIEVE. You just have to believe with every drop of blue colour that water is actually turning blue. If you will believe it, it will happen.

What are the things which you can learn from this exercise?
1. Break your task. Divide your task. Break tasks in such small pieces that you can easily do it on regular basis.

Like if I write daily for ten minutes then it will require much less efforts to post an article at the end of week. But if I don’t do that then I’ll have to take special hours to work on it.

  1. Always set upper limit and lower limit of task. Not more than one drop and not less than one drop.

Not less than ten minute not more than 15 minutes. It sounds weird, but it is the actual way to do it.

  1. You will be able to believe that you are reaching near your goal only if you do your tasks daily(or consistently)

Clearly, I will be able to believe that I am getting better at writing only if add few words on my editor everyday.

Become the happiest person you know on earth.

We all see “always smiling” and “always happy” kind of people – wanna be one of them? Then this post is for you. You are already such a person, please let me know if I missed anything.

Several usual, several unusual, and all (self) experimented points which are enough to be the happiest person. And also to make others happy (by sharing this post).

1) Don’t confuse your job with your career and life:
Your job (as in your office) is not always your career, and it is definitely not your life. Of course, you spent 10 hours from 18 hours a day (6 hours of sleep) i.e. almost 56% of your time in office. But it doesn’t mean that if you are doing well at office, then and only then your life is happening. It is NOT LIKE THAT (my personal experience).
I use to think like this. And because of that, I joined my 4th job before 6 months in 2 years of my software development career (I hope HR people don’t read this point…)
To keep it simple. I practice this way.
Let me subtract 10 hours for my job, in a day. Let me be totally theirs, I am ready to do whatever is on priority and is beneficial for the company. No personal kind of demands.
I just think of rest 8 hours.
Am I doing things which make me happy? Am I satisfied? If yes; great, if not then ask what will make you happy? Whatever may the answer – to hang out with friends, watch movies, play guitar, read, write, side projects, social network, WhatsApp, watch porn, play games, dance, sing, masturbate  or whatever. It may even change with time. But, if you do what satisfies you, you are happy, and that’s what matters.
What if you don’t have job? You would die to get a job. And when you will get a job, you will curse it. So better don’t find a job. You have 18 hours of your own. Create your life. Reinvent yourself. Think as if you have hit the rock bottom in your life, and just bang on.
2) Don’t think what others think about you.
Here others don’t include your family, your actual friends, your girlfriend/boyfriend (okay, even wannabe girlfriend/ boyfriend) and I don’t know about in-laws.
What will my neighbors think if I go home late night? What will your father’s friend think if you resign?  What will he think, what will she think? One answer to all this questions…F#&K OFF.
And again, if you are doing what makes you happy, and you are satisfied, people close to you will understand you. And if you are doing something wrong, they will guide you, listen to them. To read more on don’t think. Read this…
If you carry load with you, you won’t be able to reach far enough. So just drop the load. Below story is really inspiring, if you understand:
Once a Zen master and his disciple reached near a river, which they were about to cross. And there they saw a prostitute, she was looking tensed as she wanted to cross the river but it seemed difficult for her to cross it. So on asking, Zen master was convinced to help her (but disciple was not happy with it). Master placed the lady on his back and crossed the river. He then dropped her safely on the other side of banks. And Zen master and disciple started moving on their way. Now disciple was furious, kind of angry on his master. And out of his control he asked master. How can you carry a prostitute and allow her to sit on your back. And master politely offered. Son, I left that lady near the banks but you are still carrying her.
4) You are lucky enough.
Don’t think about what you don’t have. Look around and see what you have. (see in front too, you have so many wonderful post)
5) Learn to tackle insults/humiliations in a smart way. Be smart.
Don’t feel insults, else you will get angry, and anger will make you hollow.
A real story worth sharing:
Abraham Lincoln (He was a U.S president who was son of a shoemaker).
On the first day, when he was going to give his inaugural address to the senate, just as he was going to stand up, one ugly aristocrat stood up and he said, “Mr. Lincoln, although by some accident you have become the president of the country, don’t forget that you used to come with your father to my house to prepare shoes for our family. And there are many senators who are wearing the shoes made by your father, so never forget your origins.”
He was thinking to humiliate him. But you cannot humiliate a man like Abraham Lincoln.
Abraham Lincoln said something which should be remembered by everyone.
He said, “I am very grateful to you for reminding me of my father just before I give my first address to the senate. My father was so beautiful, and such a creative artist – there was no other man who could make such beautiful shoes. I know perfectly well that whatever I do, I will never be such great president as he was a great creator. I cannot surpass him.”
                “But by the way, I want to remind all you aristocrats that if the shoes made by my father are pinching you, I have also learned the art with him. I am not a great shoemaker, but at least I can correct your shoes. You just inform me, I will come to your house.”
6) Run away.
RUN AWAY.  Easiest technique to move on is to run away from problems.
I know people will say you are coward if you run away from your problems. Then, read point no. 2.
Your close ones will support you, and help you to solve your problems – that too, in your style. And to run away from problem, can be your style.
There is nothing wrong in this. You can do it any time.
Go away. Run away. Take your time. And when you feel everything is fine. Come back. With ultra-thrust.
7) Make people laugh.
Making someone laugh when they’re feeling down can literally improve your own mood.
Try. Even if you are fall among people, who is the only person laughing after finishing their own joke. Just try. At-least you will laugh.

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No one, no thing can make stop you from being happy. Make your life awesome.

The only and ultimate tip to get ready for kick-off



I never thought to start a blog. Honestly, I didn’t even know how to write a leave application before few months. But I am a blogger now (or a writer? I don’t know). Without thinking. Without any analysis what will I write (which is not recommended though). I just jumped into it. As I have mentioned here that life changes. My life is changed, now I have to maintain a blog, with my job (hah! That rhymed; little bit).

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What stops you from learning for yourself and how to overcome it…

This is the part-2 of my previous post – why you should never ever stop yourself from learning for yourself. Which gave enough reasons and points to start (if you haven’t started) learning for yourself.

And here I will talk about what are the various reasons which stops you from learning for yourself, and will give few tips, which will help you to overcome it(I hope so). If you have already started learning or upgrading, then I am sure, you would be feeling great. So to make everyone else feel great, share the post. If I miss any point anywhere, please comment.

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Why You Should Never Ever Stop Yourself From Learning For Yourself

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