A Mentor Knows


If you’re going “solo” with your career and you don’t have a coach or mentor then you’re playing at a gross disadvantage.

(sources:  www.rationalcomics.com and John Saddington – Hacker. Human.)


Try and think out of the box

This is the second and the final part of the series, “Think out of the box”.  You can check out the first one here to interpret meaning of it and why it is important to think out of the box.

In that post I committed to unravel about how to do it, so here I am to present few points which can help all of us in thinking out of the box.

1) To think out of the box, you should know what, how and where the box is.

To do some brilliant, extra ordinary, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious job in any particular field, you need to get into it.

know what the box is all about

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How to set goals ?

Set goals

Have no clear goals in life? Or don’t even know how to set it? Here is advice for you in brief.

From my previous post you might have redeemed the significance of having a goal. But there are plenty of people who think or say that “I don’t have any goal in my life, I just want to earn lot of money and fame”. Let us see how to avoid this kind of negative statements and learn how to set achievable goals.

The goal in football game actually shows how the goal should be. Football goal has specific measures. Height, width, length, precise borders and rules are specified. Similarly while deciding your own goal you have to be very precise and specific.

                “I want to shape up my body”, “want to become a writer” or “want to earn a lot of money” – All these statements increase ambiguity and incline towards failure.

The goal should be more specific. It should me more like “I want to decrease 10kg weight and have a flat tummy in 2 weeks”, “I want to write a book in 5 months” or “Want to earn 100k in this month”. More precise the goal is you are more likely to achieve it. But prior to all remember that by just setting a nice goal doesn’t mean you will achieve it. In the game of football, goal is there all the time but to win the game you need to score it, same way you need to apply full efforts and tackle all the hurdles to achieve goal. And these achievements will motivate you more than any other thing and you will move forward with confidence to make and achieve more goals.

Choose a direction, set specific goal, achieve it and repeat it :-) .